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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week in Review, 10/24 - 10/30

I'm gonna start making this a weekly blog feature. It's good for me to look back at my training and analyze what works and what doesn't, track my progress, and keep myself accountable to the rest of ya'll. Usually only stuff with actual mileage goes into Daily Mile, so this will be the place where I list EVERYTHING I've done for the week. Sunday is the last day of the week in my head, so Sunday will be posting day.

So here goes:

Monday: Ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill (15:00), hour long spin/abs class (50-ish minutes of spin followed by ab work)

Tuesday: 30 minute tempo run. 3.1 miles in 30:05. Not shabby at all for three days post-13.1. Even splits. Hard effort.

Wednesday AM: 1 mile swim in 45:43. PM: hour long rocket yoga class. (Similar to Ashtanga, but a little faster paced. Love it.)

Thursday: 4 mile easy run in 41:34. Wind was killer. Then drove right to the gym for an hour long circuit class. Eating a 6" subway sandwich on the way was a huge mistake, even though I was starving. Came dangerously close to puking during class, in a room with no trash can!

Friday: REST, woot. (Although huz and I went to see some haunted stuff and ended up walking a lot.)

Saturday: 6.2 miles in 1:00:47!! It didn't feel EASY but it didn't feel all-out either. Splits were awesome. Thrilled with that one.

Sunday: biked 17.61 miles in 1:05. Was going to do more but I was underdressed and freezing! Then ran 3 miles in 31:33 immediately afterward. Holy crap, that was hard. My legs were burning after the great run Saturday.


Running: 16.8 miles, 3 hours. (Rounded off, I'm not that anal!)
Biking: 17.61 miles plus spin class, 2:05.
Swimming: 1 mile, :45.
Strength/flexibility: 2 hours.

Total: 7:50. Close close close to that 8-10 hour range I want to hit, but I was recovering from a half marathon so I'll cut myself a little slack there. Trying to run more frequently at shorter distances to see if that helps cut down on injury and keep my legs fresher. That's the theory! Would like to average about 20 miles a week for the time being. Wanted to bike more but kept getting hit with craptastic weather on the days I wanted to go. Once it gets dark earlier, that'll cut way down on available bike hours. Plus it's getting cold. Booo. And yes, I know that as a triathlete I should swim more, but I hate swimming, ok? I'll do more this winter. Plus I'm looking into swim lessons.

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