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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bucket list races!!!

Who else has them?? I've decided that mine include....

The Goofy Challenge - Disney World half marathon on Saturday, full marathon on Sunday. You get a special goofy medal (and, as I saw on a car the other day, a mickey mouse head silhouette with 39.3 in the middle!)

Detroit Free Press Marathon - you get to run across the bridge to Canada, a few miles in CA and then you get to run through the TUNNEL back to the US. How often can you (a) hit up two countries in one run, and (b) run in the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel?? Although I'm guessing that a Garmin would miss that part of the race!

New York City Marathon - I love New York. It would be so cool to see it while running.

Chicago Marathon - same reason.

Any race in DC - same reason! (Rock 'n Roll half *may* be my out-of-town race for my 30 while 30.)

Any other suggestions? Anyone else have bucket list races??


  1. It's a little outlandish, but the London marathon would be awesome to do.

  2. That would be super amazing. Heck, just going to London is on my bucket list.

  3. RnR DC, this coming March? I think I'm doing the full!

    I also want to do Leadville. I have too many spring races on my list, because I certainly can't skip the Pig!

    My secret bucket list race is Boston. Talk about a longshot :)