That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Sunday, August 26, 2012

quick race recap x4

Holy crap ya'll.

Training 12-15 hours a week is no joke, and leaves very little time for blogging. I wanted to fill everyone in and let them know that I'm happy with how training has been going. I've now done my longest-ever bike ride at 70 miles, I'm back into double-digit long runs, there are a few grumbly body parts but 3 months out from Coz and 2 weeks out from half rev, I'm pretty happy with where I am. I think I may still struggle through the rev run, but I can live with that.

I still have not posted any race reports, but in one week (the week of my birthday!) I did 4 races. FOUR. I didn't really RACE any of them, though. Highlights:

East Fork Olympic tri:

This one was a big epic fail of a triathlon, but it was good experience and I finished smiling! I watched two of my amazing friends do their first tri...and was so busy enjoying that experience that I missed the start of my race. I MISSED THE START. They actually let me start 30 minutes late and adjusted my time accordingly. The result: a seriously kickass swim time that I suspect may have been a miscalculation (but I still felt awesome about my swim), and I did the whole race by myself. They actually tore down a water stop before I got to it and I nearly cried. What else? Well, I was barely over the flu and I knew I wouldn't be fast anyway, so that was to be expected....but the bike was hillier than I thought. There was a hill I had to WALK. (However, later on I found out that a friend of mine who is a stronger biker than myself had to walk that hill when he tried it, too, so I have forgiven myself for it.) We were between thunderstorms and the humidity sucked. I may or may not have peed all over myself. But I FINISHED, upright and smiling, and happy for the mental test. I figure I can handle just about anything a longer race could throw at me now.

(And while I literally finished last, I did NOT have the slowest time, and I actually PR'd that distance!)

A Midsummer Night's Trail Run:

My first ever trail run and I LOVED it. It was a tough course and I couldn't look away from my feet. The one time I did, I tripped. Still super fun.

Newtown 5k:

I do this every year, so I did it again. I'm still waiting to crush my old 5k PR, because I know I can. Heck, my 10k PR is faster than my 5k PR. However, post-flu and post-injury, I figured I wouldn't even come close. Actually, I kinda did. 30:15 - my second best 5k ever. (I am sooooo not a short-distance runner!) If there hadn't been a hill at the end and/or I'd run more hills lately, I would've had a PR.


Same day as the 5k, which also happened to be my birthday!! Ridiculously fun. Way dirty. Loved it.

More to come!! I have much about IM training that I would like to share!! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

as 30 comes to a close....

First of all, the post-flu suck has FINALLY left me and I'm back to where I want to be with my training. YES!!!! Will update more on the training eventually.

Second of all, I owe you two race reports, including probably the most ridiculous tri experience I'll ever have....and that will also have to wait.

A year ago, I came up with 30 things to do while 30. Since I'll only be 30 for 12 more hours, I shall update everyone on how I actually did....

(I meant to keep the updating as a continuous process but.....I didn't.)

1. Run a Marathon - DONE
2. Do a half Ironman - didn't work out. What's funny is that I was aiming for Muncie, but even if I'd been healthy enough to do it, they shortened Muncie due to the heat. It's ok - I'm doing one in a month. Less than that. Gulp!
3. Do a trail race - haha! Squeezed that in last night!
4. Do a century ride - not yet. But soon.
5. Get my PCC-S license - done with all the requirements except 3 more hours of CEUs.
6. Do an unassisted pull-up - crap. I need to hit the gym to see if I can do one....but I'm guessing still no!
7. Do a sub-30 5k - did this 2 days after my birthday, yo.
8. Do a sub-60 10k - did this too. Twice.
9. Grow a veggie garden - the weather has been crap for it, but some basil and a few tomatoes have survived. My carrots are looking good, too.
10. Take swim lessons - I had a coaching session and joined a masters group. That counts.
11. Visit a new country - bro-in-law ended up not getting deployed. So no. But I've never been to Mexico, so I'll fulfill this one in November!!
12. Pay off my car - yep.
13. Donate hair to Locks of Love - nope. Got too impatient with the tangled mess in the heat. I have short hair now but I'm the only one who reaped the benefits.
14. Learn to change my own oil - nope.
15. Learn to play and accompany myself on at least 3 songs - nope. I've thought about it a lot, though.
16. Do an out-of-town race - nope. But I think Cozumel will more than make up for that.
17. Get boudoir pics done - nope. But I really should while I'm in the best shape of my life.
18. Do something with wedding pics - haha, nope.
19. Bench press 100 lbs for 3 reps - again, gotta check. Again, probably not.
20. Run the Flying Pig - yeah, we all know that didn't exactly work out.
21. Get concealed carry permit - yep.
22. Ride a segway - YES! We did a segway tour of Chicago. I also came close to killing myself as I never did master slowing down on a segway.
23. Take a belly dancing and/or pole dancing class - hmm. Never did.
24. Organize school papers - I'm beginning to think any tasks involving organization will just never be done.
25. Complete a knitting project - didn't even pick up the needles.
26. Visit a new state - nope.
27. Visit an out-of-town friend - nope.
28. Go vegetarian for a week - nope. And not anytime soon since I'm back in the swing of fueling Ironman training. We have made an effort to eat more meat-free meals, though.
29. Do something nice and unnecessary for myself once a month - I didn't keep track and probably missed some months, but I have made an effort to try to splurge more often and buy shoes I don't need (not running shoes!), etc. I am now hooked on pedicures.
30. Create a signature dish - no, but I've discovered lots of new recipes.


DONE: 10
Not done, but concrete plans to do: 5
Maybe done (gotta check on the weight machines): 2
Fail: 13. :)

But I accomplished many other things this year. Not only that, but I have a few pretty life-altering things in the works for this next year - of course the IRONMAN, but there are a few other biggish things brewing. I think that 31 will be a pretty freaking epic year.

Friday, August 3, 2012

funky funky funk

I haaaate funky moods.

Flu recovery was another setback and now my bike times are slower than they used to be, which makes me feel like I've made no progress. Aaaand don't get me started on my running pace, which was slower than usual to begin with, thank you stress fracture. Anyway, flu sticks with a person like krazy glue. It was not until about 10 days after the fever broke that I could run or bike without coughing like a smoker and feeling like someone had shrunk my lungs by 50%. And that was just this past Tuesday.

I have managed to not care about my run pace lately but I'm starting to care again. I'm starting to get into that place where I compare myself to anyone and everyone. It's ridiculous, I know. I ran 4 miles the other day and it felt great. It was slower than I used to run, sure, but I managed to not care. I was able to be realistic with myself and say, you know what, you missed three months of running, have only been back for a month, you dealt with the effects of the flu for two weeks....all things considering, you're kicking ass.

I wish I knew where *that* thought went.

I HATE THIS HEAT. Heat makes everything suck.

I went on an overnight work trip and I effed up my sleep schedule, which is probably what this is about more than anything. I do not do well when my sleep is messed up. Not at all.

I also didn't eat super healthy while on that trip. I didn't do *too* bad, considering, but I usually eat "bad" meals once a week or so. I did 2.5 or so in less than 48 hours. I've never had Raising Cane chicken fingers and I wanted to try them. Now they are sitting in my belly like a rock. Don't judge.

I was going to bike tonight and I decided to skip it because I know, given how I'm feeling, that it wouldn't go well and I'd just feel worse about everything.

However.......I'm 90% sure I'm doing an olympic tri this weekend. I know I'm not 100%, not at all, but I want the chance to do some actual tri practice - swimming with a mass of people, transitions, all that jazz - before rev3

So, a little poor self-care, nasty weather, workouts lately that have sucked more than they've rocked due to circumstances out of my control, and, hmm, my trademark impatience.

This will not be a permanent fixture, I promise. Every time I think about quitting training, I think, "Yeah, eff that!" about 2.5 seconds later. Next week I'm going to make sure I'm back to my training plan to the absolute best of my ability, and I'm keeping with the goal of being up to the training plan run volume by the end of August.

I will be fine. Training is a journey, that is all.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sorry Bob, can't talk to you now, I'm training for an IRONMAN!

These made me laugh, lots.

I'm Truly Sorry For This, But You're About to Hear About the Last Marathon I Ran

How to Brag About Doing an Ironman

That Ironman one?? Guilty as charged.

Neighbor sees me putting my bike on my car: Hey! Are you training for something?

Me: Me? Ah, well, just doing an Ironman in a few months. That's all. I'm meeting up with some friends. We're going to ride 50 miles. Maybe 60 or 70. I'll do whatever they want to do. *shrug* Bye!!!

Also, I saw a car the other day with an Ironman Finisher license plate. Um, yes. WANT. I shall redecorate my entire home and car and everything else with Ironman Finisher memoribilia once this is over.