That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ebbs and flows and shifts

Hi everyone!

I'm still around, just ridiculously busy these days. My job change means that I'm working three jobs for the time being. It's turning out to be a very positive change; I just can't wait for the day that it's a little less crazy and more steady and predictable....

I'm still slower than I used to be. I'm slowly regaining some speed. Maybe. It's so slow that I can't completely tell. It's a little discouraging, not gonna lie. I did the Lifetime Indoor Tri again this year. I was talked into it by a friend, really. I didn't run quite as far as I did last year, but I knew that would happen, and I'm happy with my run - it was actually pretty darn close and I felt a lot better than I remember feeling last year. Where I'm really disappointed is my swim. I was thinking my swim had improved by leaps and bounds and then I swam the EXACT SAME DISTANCE that I did last year. I'm not gonna lie, that was pretty freaking disappointing.

My excuses reasons for that: the pool was too warm, in masters we've been doing lots of short sets and I don't think I've swam more than 300 yards in one set since the Ironman. Yep.

At any rate, I couldn't have swam 2.4 miles last year. I think maybe my body's stuck in endurance mode and is having trouble with the discomfort of going faster.

But I'm mostly letting my pace fall where it may and focusing on the good things, and I feel better when I focus outside myself. Coaching for Girls on the Run has been awesome so far. I love running with the girls and cheering them on. Yesterday it was cold, windy, and snowy and we got them out there. They're already taking in some of the benefits and lessons from running that I've got and they're still in elementary school - it's SUPER exciting. And they're super cute. Adorable.

I'm 90% sure that I'm going to throw something else in the mix and coach Sit to Fit again this year, too. I really, really love helping others right now and not trying to focus so much on what I'm doing/not doing. Heck, maybe I'm even looking for an escape from that!

So that's where I am for the time being. I think after such a big huge goal, I don't have the energy to focus much on self-improvement, so I'm content to stay in limbo myself and help others advance. We'll see what clicks with my brain next.