That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I ran!

I just did a three mile run. It's the first time I've ran in a week, and the third time I've ran since the marathon (for a grand total of 8 miles since 9/17!!)

The calf still hurts, but I was planning on a 5k this weekend. I'm still not sure that's the best idea ever, *but* I haven't been told to stay off it. So I decided to see if how it would deal with being ran on. It did surprisingly well. But holy hell ,did my lungs burn and I wore myself out (did my cardio endurance really die that fast??),  so the leg was the least of my worries. It still hurt but it wasn't nearly as bad as it was when I ran before. I did make this route flatter, which meant a lot of back and forth and back and forth on the few flattish spots in my neighborhood, and I think that helped. The 5k this weekend is FLAT. I think I'll kt tape everything underneath the compression sleeve/brace thing.

So, 3 miles at an average 9:52 pace. It's not exactly lending itself to a new awesome pr this weekend like I wanted, but I'll suppose I'll be happy to be running it. I've missed running!! Plus, it was 77 degrees. Ohio missed the memo that it is now October.

The calf is feeling better. I mentioned I drive a lot for work, right? Lately I've been taking to rubbing/pressing knots out of my leg while I'm driving. It works. I cleared out two walnut-sized ones today, one on the back of the large muscle, one on the inside of my leg. Yes, I said walnut sized. Yes, they were owie.

I also jumped on a trampoline today. It's actually good exercise for an injury, because it's very forgiving. It gets to be not good, though, when you're on there with a kid and his numerous siblings get on, too, and then you land on your injured leg all funky 'cuz you're trying to avoid tripping over four kids. Ouch. I must say, though, I love the fact that I can get away with doing therapy while jumping on a trampoline.

The test is whether I can walk tomorrow. :) It's fun having to wait 12-24 hours to find out if a decision you made was a smart one!

Oh yeah, I re-discovered pilates this morning. I should keep that up. I think it'll help me improve in all three sports. It's one of two classes (the other being spin) that I really like at the new gym.

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