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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Warrior Run 5k - 31:22

Not good news:
  • Still did not hit that 31:00 goal of mine. That is driving me crazy.
  • Had some weird moments. Somewhere in the middle of the race, I was thinking "This just is not fun." Two minutes in, I was feeling tired. I couldn't figure out what the heck was wrong with me but I managed to make myself keep going.
The ungood news can probably be explained in part by the fact that I went out and had a few drinks last night and then did not sleep well. I was debating a nap in the afternoon but didn't take one. I felt a little dehydrated before the race even started. The race was at 5pm when I'm used to running in the morning.
    Good news (and there's way more of this variety):
    • I hit another PR!
    • I have gotten faster every race I run.
    • The crowd support was really awesome. It was a pretty small race, so there weren't giant throngs of people, but the people who were there were cheering for EVERYONE rather than waiting for the ones they knew. Special props for being supportive go to:
      • The elderly man with a dog who smiled and waved at me like he knew me. I told him he had a cute dog. (He did.)
      • The woman toward the end who, even though I was running with nobody around me at all, cheered for me anyway. (I totally tend to do this in races. I guess I truly do run at my own pace.)
      • The adorable kids who stood in the middle of the road and were so excited to give high-fives. I told them thank you.
    • My splits were more even than they have been, I think, ever. I was able to run at a much more steady pace. This is good. I put effort into making this happen. Still not negative splits by far, but it's a start.
    • I came in 37th out of 65 - so in the middle. This is totally cool with me.
    • Very successful test drive of the new capris from Target, where I don't have to go into debt to buy decent running clothes.
    • Also successful test drive #2 of my spibelt. Seriously, this thing is AMAZING. It held my blackberry and chapstick and I forgot that it was there. (And after the race, I shoved two cliff bars into it with room to spare.)
    • Running it with my husband. :) I like sharing these experiences with him, and I love it when I can talk him into running with me!
    • It was for a good cause - a teen suicide prevention program at Children's Hospital.

    mile 1: 9:50
    mile 2: 10:15
    mile 3: 10:22

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