That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Running does weird things to my brain

How the heck can I run (for the most part) 13.1 miles, but then have days like today, where I seriously feel like a 3 mile run might kill me?

I have two 3 mile routes I regularly run in my neighborhood. (One's a 3.1) They both entail running down the main road, turning down another road, running to the end and then turning and coming back. For some reason, when I'm running to the end of road #2, it feels like I'm NEVER going to get there. The way back feels muchmuchmuch faster, even when it's not faster at all.

And WHY did my hairline hurt again today? I mean, the back of my neck where my hairline is. It hurt again. No headband, no tight ponytail. Actually, the right side of my body hated me today - right side of my hairline, right arm went numb, right ankle hurt. Right knee hurt a bit too, but that's a welcome break because the right knee actually is the bad one, so it's allowed to hurt. I'm in need of a major chiropractic adjustment maybe?? I'm not running crooked....not that I'm aware of.....

Today I think I was just mentally drained. It tends to happen toward the end of the week, and I've been working a lot. I really didn't feel like doing a single thing today, but I made myself run and I made myself go to work. I keep reminding myself that this feeling is temporary. When I feel like I hate my job, it doesn't last. I really do like my job. And when I feel like I hate running, it never lasts. In a couple of days I'll feel good about it again. It just kinda sucks when I don't get that nice feeling of stress relief like I do after a good running break.

The good thing, though: if the run doesn't feel invigorating, the shower afterwards sure as heck always does.

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