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Thursday, October 14, 2010

10k training plan, week 2

Hal Higdon's intermediate 10k plan, with my adjustments:

Monday: Running too late to run 3 miles before yoga class, so I ran 1.8 miles before and 1.2 miles afterward. I ran the .8 mile bike path that runs near the gym, ran back, and ran the .2 miles to my car too. :) I was just over a 10 minute pace on the bike path (for a bike path, it's hilly!) but the downhill to my car put me in at 17 and change. Then after yoga, I did a .2 warmup jog and then ran a mile on the track as fast as I could. That was 9:42, not bad considering an hour long yoga class can be tiring.

Tuesday: Did speedwork on the treadmill - 8 run/jog .25 mile intervals. Started out WAY too fast. As it turns out, I can do three sprints at 7.5 mph and then I feel like keeling over. Had to walk a couple of times. Did 4 miles in 41:40.

A note here, maybe some fellow runners can help me out: I don't get this part of the training plan. You're supposed to do 400m sprints at your 5k pace. How is this helpful? Shouldn't I be running, I dunno, 5k at 5k pace? It seems to me that if you're trying to get faster and you're only running 400m intervals, they should be faster than your 5k pace. OK, so maybe not a minute and a half faster like I tried, but still.

Wednesday: Circuit training class. Lots of weights.

Thursday (just now): 5k run. Tried to keep it comfortable but pushed a little, maybe a 7/10 effort. 32:52. Not bad at all when you account for the traffic light I got stuck at twice. (Impossible to run in this area without stopping at that light, especially during morning rush hour.)

Tomorrow: Taking a break.

Saturday: Warrior Run 5k. I tried to drive the route but couldn't figure it out due to the weirdness of the roads in Mariemont. But I do know it's pretty and FLAT FLAT FLAT! I've ran part of it during long runs and I love running in Mariemont. That's why I signed up for this one. The weather is supposed to be in the low 60's. If there was ever a day for a PR, this will be it!!

Sunday: 5-6 mile easy run.


  1. Best wishes with the 5K

    It's hard to wrap your head around it, but you save your race speed / energy for race day. That's why you run shorter distances at race pace and longer runs at a slower pace. I didn't believe this at first, but now I know that it works!

  2. That does make some sense! I just like to know how fast I can actually run, which means running at race pace! Maybe I'm screwing myself over by doing that....hmmmm. Plus my reasoning is that I want to run faster, so I do that by....running faster. And giving myself shinsplints. :)