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Sunday, October 10, 2010

musica and airplanes

Nice 5 mile run today...even though it was about 80 degrees by the time I was done with it. (WTF, October??) Farthest run I've done in a month. I downloaded an hour's worth of new music for my ipod - everything from 90's metal to Usher. Some of the highlights:

-In the middle of the new stuff was Rammstein "Du Hast", Rage Against the Machine "Bulls on Parade" and Static X "Push It". How did I not realize that these are some of the best running songs ever invented? They pushed me on right smack in the middle of my run. YES.

-I can't decide if "We No Speak Americano" (by Yolanda B Cool and DCup) is good for inducing a trance-like state while running or just annoying as all get out.

-The new Usher song ("DJ Got Us Falling in Love") is another winner for the running playlist. My husband will give me crap if he reads this. Yep, I do indeed listen to cheesy top 40 rap/r&b while I run.

-Nelly "Number One" is another one I had forgotten about. How can you hear the line "What does it take to be number one?" while running and not push on?

I'm quite fond of my eclectic running playlist, which is now 10.3 hours long with plenty of room still left on the shuffle. It's everything from Otis Redding to Elvis Costello to Cyndi Lauper to Marilyn Manson to Rhianna to Flo Rida.

So I had fun new music, and I ran the Lunken Airport loop so I was entertained by planes and helicopters taking off and landing, trees changing color, and a 10k race that happened to be going on at the same time. Run time: 54:48. Not shabby - still teetering on the edge of the pace I want. I'll get there!

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