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Sunday, February 5, 2012

If I had a million dollars....

...I could probably spend it all on gear faster than most people could remember the lyrics to the song. (You're totally singing it now, aren't ya?)

Holy moly. I have an ongoing list of "Things to Buy" which hangs out on my computer desktop, thanks to hott notes. (If you're a post-it addict like I am, you would LOVE that app!) It's been dominated by running/biking/swimming related stuff. I do have ONE non-tri thing on there: nice jeans. I have never ever owned a pair of jeans that cost more than $20ish, and I'm tired of my jeans all stretching out and loosening up (although it makes me feel really skinny - look how loose these size 4's are on me! haha.) (ps - that's the Old Navy vanity size 4; my butt does not fit into a normal people size 4 under any circumstances. I, like my running buddy, am part of the "little in the middle but ya got much back" brigade!)

Oh, anyway....

I did some damage this past week. I have been poring over trisuits online. I've decided I want to take the plunge and get a nice one-piece suit. I found out that zoot suits are highly rated (and how cool to be able to say I own a zoot suit) and I found a killer deal on one. Plus it was at performance bike, where I had $20ish of points to cash in. So, I got it, and I do find it comfy and even flattering. Yay!! Plus, I won't lie, I feel a bit like wonder woman in a one-piece spandex suit. Can't wait to road test it, but that will be a while.

I also did spend a little money on real-life clothes. It's really sad, but every time I go shopping, I'm drawn to the running clothes first. Even though I have plenty of running clothes, I'd rather buy them than real-people clothes. Even more sad, I spend waaaay too much time trying to figure out what to wear for running, and when I go to work, I pretty much throw on anything. (To be fair, I have a job where I can wear jeans and hoodies most days!)

OK, back to the running stuff. I've been fighting with my calves AGAIN, which I'm taking as a sign that I may need new shoes, even though my ride 4's only have 330 miles on them. That seems low. But the calves have been tight for a while, and when that PTT started acting up again, that was the last straw. So I cashed in a groupon and got some triumph 9's. They have a lower heel drop (which I love, feels more natural) and they're cushy, which will hopefully be good for the leg complaints. I think I'm becoming a saucony devotee. Next on my list, if the triumphs work out, is to maybe get a pair of mirages so I can rotate them in. Mirages have an even lower heel drop (4mm) and they're more minimalist, but they have some stability to them. They're basically a stability version of the kinvaras, which I hear nothing but awesome things about. I'd like to try the mirages without orthotics. If you can't tell, I'd love to transition to the minimalist side of running!

I had another groupon for clothing at the same store. Unfortunately, running clothes are PRICEY, and I kind of regretted getting the groupon since there are so many frugal options out there for gear. However, I had the groupon, and I do like supporting the local running store (always so torn between that and being cheap!) so I spent more than I would usually spend on a waterproof jacket. I really don't have a good rain/windbreaker jacket for running. Actually, I only own one. I've had it since I was 15. No lie. It's a size L because I was in a baggy clothes stage. I wore it with jnco jeans that covered my feet. OK, so spending $80 on an ultra-practical rain jacket won't kill me. It's an asics jacket with really cool features - an interior media pocket, a hood that either rolls up into the collar if one doesn't want a hood, and an LED blinky light strip on one shoulder! It'll be great for running, cycling, and normal wear.

That's me running my first 10k in the giant jacket, plus a cotton tshirt and cotton biker shorts that I've had since junior high. Oh, how things have changed!

So the mirages are on my list, pending success with the triumphs. Also on the list are a bike rack for my car, a pair of cw-x stabilyx 3/4 length tights, possible new bike shoes/pedals (gonna see how they do for a 70.3 first, I think), muncie half ironman registration ($250 before 5/22)....oh, and an iphone. :) I'm sure I'll need new goggles soon. And I'll probably come up with way more things along the way.

I'm very thankful that huz and I both have decent jobs and are good enough with spending in most areas that I can enjoy this habit. However, valentine's day is coming soon and I will accept early birthday presents at any time of year!! :)

This may be dangerous (I may get ideas!) but what's on everyone else's wish list??

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