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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lifetime Indoor Tri results

I can't figure out the scoring. There were 70 people, so the scoring should go from 1-70, but it goes 7-76. And they "adjusted" some of the bike miles (including mine) because some computers were reading faster than others. I guess these are "grain of salt" type of numbers, but I'm good with how I did.

Swim: 18 lengths (technically I was still about 10 feet or so from the wall when time was up, but they gave it to me) - 51 points

Bike: 21 miles (??) - 69 points (8th overall on the bike!)

Run: 2.15 miles - 36 points (this was the day after my long run, so my legs were a bit fed up with me at this point!)

Final score: 156 points, 20/70 overall, 5/41 women

Recap to come!

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