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Saturday, January 28, 2012

week in review, 1/23 - 1/29

Yep, a day early - 'cuz I finished all my swim/run/bike workouts for the week. I decided to get the trainer ride out of the way after the group run this morning, so tomorrow I can take a bit of a break from the cardio. I don't feel like I really got a rest day this past week - Thursday was, kinda, but I still did pilates class. I was supposed to do my weekly brick on Thursday night but got home from work two hours late. Blech. Thursday night would be the best possible time to do a brick, with Friday as a rest day, but so far since I made that decision I've had to work late every Thursday. Next week I *should* get home early enough to actually try it out!

So that brick workout actually happened Friday evening. Not the best idea. I felt its effects this morning during the group run, but I was still able to bust out 9 miles at my usual long run pace. It just felt a wee bit less easy than usual. At least today's route was relatively flat or it might've been more painful.

I really need that day off tomorrow. My BFF and I are getting together for brunch, which will definitely include some form of alcohol. She wants the place with the bloody mary bar; I want the place with bottomless mimosas. We'll see what happens. :) I will most likely do yin yoga tomorrow, too, but since I practically fall asleep in that class, I believe I can still count it as a rest day and not really a workout!

My calves still like to tie themselves in knots. Hence the yin. I also have two groupons for massages. I need to get on scheduling one, stat. Zensah sleeves have saved me this week, though.

I'm proud of myself because this is the first week that I've completely followed the IM training plan. I haven't even started it yet - I will in two weeks - but the past month has been me trying to figure out how to fit in the multiple workouts (4 runs, 3 bikes, 2 swims to start), and what days are best for what exercise without burning myself out. And I think I've got it. I even worked overtime this week (don't even get me started on how crazy work is right now), had a doctor's appointment (routine), fit in all the workouts, and I don't feel tired or overtrained or burned out. On the contrary, I'm surprised at how much energy I have. I feel like I could do more. I'm NOT, because I WILL end up tired/overtrained/burned out, but that gives me real confidence in my training plan. Heck, I'm even taking the run part of the IM plan up a notch with the Pig training. It's still alllll good.

And everyone at my OB/GYN's office wished me luck on the Ironman. :)

So here are the numbers:

Monday: ran 6.5 miles in 1:04:02, swam some randomish intervals (50's and 400's) for a total of 2000 yd in 51:36
Tuesday: 45 minute spin class, swam 2450 straight in 1:00:38 (wanted to see how far I could swim in an hour)
Wednesday: group run - fartleks - 1.5 mile w/u and c/d with 10x.25 intervals. Total of 6.64 miles in 1:02:47.
Thursday: 1 hour pilates class
Friday: brick: 30 minutes on the trainer, 3.84 mile run in 39:46
Saturday: 9.17 mile group run in 1:30:09, 1:00 on the trainer (easy effort with a few hard intervals and some high rpm/low resistance efforts thrown in)
Tomorrow: yin yoga class, 1:30


Swim: 4450 yd in 1:52:14
Bike: 2:15
Run: 26.15 miles in 4:16:44 (Hey, I'd be thrilled with that as a marathon time!!)
Yoga/Pilates: 2:30

Total time: 10:53:58 woohoo!

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