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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

week in review, 1/08-1/15

I'm going to attempt to at least keep these posts going - a review of the past week's training, along with any interesting info or words of wisdom that I've got (or not!)

This past week's goal was to try to get used to the number/frequency of workouts on the ironman training plan, trying to figure out how to best schedule them, what works, what doesn't. And even more difficult than the actual working out is the TIME MANAGEMENT. Fortunately, I've honed my skills in this area quite a bit - I have a job that demands it - but I'm getting used to managing my time better, in all areas of my life, so that nothing suffers.

I had a really good week as far as that goes. A few things I've started doing:
-prepare as much as possible in advance. That means packing my lunch, packing my gym bag, programming the coffee maker, etc. the night before.

-overestimate the amount of time things will take. I'm VERY good at planning as if I have about 10 more minutes than I really do. The end result is that by default, I'm 10 minutes off from the rest of the world, and then as more and more things make me later and later, then I'm pretty much a spazz by the end of the day.

So last week was pretty much the perfect balance of work, working out, relaxing, social time, etc. I had lots of energy without being really tired (except when I squeezed a swim, a hilly tempo run, and a brick into a 24-hour period....hello, dead legs!) Hopefully in the near future I can quit working late on Thursday nights so that I can do the brick workout then. Thursday morning is too close to the Wednesday night group run (which is usually a butt-kicker) and Friday evening is a bit close to the Saturday AM long run.

This week may be a bit harder to get as much in....four day workweeks are evil for me. It's basically like taking 5 days and cramming them into 4, but I'll do my best with it.

Last week:

M - AM - 5.25 mile run in 52:24. PM - 1600 yd swim in 38:15
T - 45 minute spin class
W - AM - swim speedwork, 1200 yd in 33:17 (but all my 50 yd intervals were under a minute) PM - hilly 5.95 mile run in 58:56
Th - evil brick - 20 minutes on the trainer, 2.95 mile run in 30:44 (my legs were SHOT!)
Sat - 7.58 mile group run in 1:15:27
Sun - 1:15 on the trainer, moderate effort. I got aerobars so I did some intervals in aero position to try to get used to them a bit.


swim - 2800 yd in 1:11:32
bike - 2:20
run - 21.73 miles in 3:37:31

Total time: 8:09:03

(PS - I'm trying to log my workouts on too. It gives me a cool little graph; only issue is a week, on BT, starts on Sunday and in my mind, a training week starts on Monday.)

Anyway, if you're interested, here's my BT training log:

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