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Sunday, January 22, 2012

week in review, 1/16-1/22

Blech. I hate 4-day work weeks. It's basically all of the mental effort of 5 days but crammed into 4. I had longer hours than usual so it was harder to find time for workouts, and way harder than usual to find energy for them. So I cut myself a little slack all week. I ended up working out on my rest day because I felt guilty about skipping a brick workout (due to working later than planned). The next morning (yesterday) was a group run day but we got hit by an overnight ice storm. Let me make it perfectly clear that I still would've been up for running - and I was wide awake, watching the news reports and then walking outside to check out my street - but after I discovered that my street was a skating rink and realized that I wasn't sure if they had de-iced my neighborhood (with its narrow streets that people love to park on), I decided it wasn't worth the risk of driving that morning. Nor was it worth the risk of running solo in my 'hood on the iciness. And I decided it would be a fantastic pajama/do-nothing day.

And my long trainer ride this weekend? It got lost in the shuffle. And I didn't do yoga today. I'm feeling a little crotchety about working out in general, and I think it's because I'm tired (not only due to work, but because I did two HARD runs this week) and because my routine got totally effed up. My OCD does not do well when my routine is effed up.

Next week will be better, and this week wasn't even bad, just lower on the swim/bike than I would like. I can't wait until I can do both outside, but in the meantime, I need to motivate myself to do the repetitive boring stuff.

On the run front, though, I rocked. Monday's run was a group run in honor of MLK day. It was a cool route, downtown where we got to see some of the MLK festivities and hear his speech being played in fountain square while we ran. It was also a fast group, where only one person ran my pace, and I had to try pretty hard to keep up. In the process, I realized that I can run faster than I think. I mean, I ran faster than my 10k pace, even though the route was hilly and we hit some high winds and rain for part of it. And it wasn't awful!! And then I again rocked a hilly run when we did bridge repeats in the Wednesday group. I didn't watch the Garmin (it was dark anyway), just held a good, hard tempo pace, and I was happy with the results.

M - ran 6.87 miles in 1:05:05, 1:30 yin yoga/philosophy class (good stuff!)
T - 30 minutes on the bike trainer, low resistance, 100+ RPM
W - ran 6 miles including bridge repeats in...wait for it....56:41. Yes, I crossed the Ohio River 6 times (the hills on the bridges are nothing to sneeze at) and still held a sub-9:30 pace!
Thurs - swam 2000 yd in 46:30, 1 hour pilates class
F - brick, 30 minutes easy on the trainer, 30 minute easy run (2.93 miles)
Sat - ice storm, lazy day
Sun - group make-up run, 8.09 miles in 1:20:10


swim: 2000 yd in 46:30
bike: 1:00
run: 23.89 miles in 3:51:56
yoga/pilates: 2:30

Total time: 8:08:26

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