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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week in Review, 11/7 - 11/13

Monday: Swam 1600 yd in 40:49. I did a 200 yd w/u followed by 10 sets of 50 yd sprints with 10 seconds in between, another 200 easy, 10 more 50 yd sprints, 200 c/d. Technically the workout was supposed to be 20 sprints in a row (I got it from an IM training plan) but after 10 I wanted a break! I was a little disappointed that I couldn't seem to get 50 yards in less than a minute. Best one was 1:03. Then I did 20 minutes of strength training - abs and arms. Holy hell, that swimming was killer. During the strength training, I started getting warm and went to take my sweatshirt off - and seriously struggled with it because my arm wouldn't lift high enough.

Tuesday: 5 miles at tempo pace in 48:01.

Wednesday: 3 miles easy in my 'hood. Turned into 3.7 - oops - in 38:54. No obsessive Garmin-checking, nice and steady. I met some fellow runners and chatted with them a bit. They asked me if I was training for something and I blurted out, "Yeah, I'm doing an Ironman!" Haha. They're running the Dallas 26.2 in December and wished me luck.

Thursday: 1 hour of pilates. I accidentally set my alarm too early and realized I had time to squeeze in a quick swim, so I did. I swam 1000 yd in 22:46, which is awesome for me! I've been trying so hard to consistently break 10 minutes for 400, and here I did the first 800 in 18:16, and the last 200 in 2:30 flat. I think the speedwork actually had some effect.

Friday: The most awesomest run ever!!! No, really!!! I went to a class at the local running store (more on that later) on running form and decided to tweak a few things. I was going to run 8 miles. I ran 10 because I felt super awesome. I ran it at what felt like an easy pace, and ended up with 10 miles in 1:38:46. That is INSANE for me. That is the fastest I think I've ran 10 miles EVER. And I felt like I could've kept going!!! I wasn't super sore in the aftermath!! Two days later, I am STILL on cloud 9 from that run (and almost afraid to run again, afraid it was a fluke....)

Then huz and I went away for a bit. We both work too much and stress too much and decided to get out of here. He's better at relaxing at home than I am; I pretty much am incapable of complete relaxation unless I'm somewhere else. At home, there's always something to work on, clean, organize, there's always a workout that I SHOULD be doing. So I got away from that and spent Friday and Saturday night at a cabin in the woods (with a hot tub!!!) near Hocking Hills. It was gorgeous and much needed. The plan was to work out today after I got back, but the 35 mph wind gusts killed my idea of a bike ride (NO thanks!) and our much needed grocery shopping trip went way too long and I missed yoga. (We live near what I think is the biggest grocery store in the Cincinnati metro area. Ugh.) Oh's a total rest day, and I'm tired after two nights in a strange bed. Plus, we weren't totally idle - we spent two hours hiking yesterday and two hours horseback riding. Horseback riding is more the horse working out than the human, sure, but my thighs were pretty sore!!

Me, husband, horses. Thanks, Rosie, for the hip flexor stretch!!

Yeah, I did no biking. I had to work early on Monday (so no AM workout), and then late on Tuesday and Wednesday (so no PM workouts) and then I went to the class on Thursday, so my entire week was just one-a-day workouts. I skipped spin class Monday because I was going to be home late EVERY NIGHT this week and wanted to try to get home early enough to make dinner just one night. WELL WORTH skipping circuit class for the running class though!!! And, I'm proud that all my workouts were really really good quality. Even pilates class was especially tough this week - when it hurts like hell to sneeze the next day, you know it was good.

Yep, we're just gonna call this a down week. I just figured out my workout schedule for this next week and it's pretty ass-kicking, and I'm well-rested enough to attack it. Bring it on!!!


bike: 0 :( 'Bout time to put it away for the winter, too. :(
swim: 2600 yd in 1:03:45.
run: 18.7 miles in 3:05:41.
strength/flexibility: 1:20.

Total time: 5:29. Heh. Down week indeed.

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