That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week in review, 10/31 - 11/6

Monday: pool workout, 1600 yd in 49 minutes. 400 freestyle (9:18), 4 sets of 100 pull/100 kick, 400 freestyle (10:00) (I made up this workout. I was dreading the monotony of swimming laps!)

Tuesday: easy run, 4.07 miles in 43:09. Ran on some of the rolling hills in my 'hood and took it very very easy on them. Calf is still not 100% and calf injuries notoriously do not like hills.

Wednesday: AM: easy ride, 18.47 miles in 1:17:24, last 3-4 miles uphill. The most eventful part of that ride: my chain slipped off while I was riding uphill through a really busy intersection! I managed to stay upright and get my bike and myself over to the sidewalk safely. PM: 1 hour circuit training class

Thursday: 1 hour pilates. Was going to run in the evening but ended up working late.

Friday: speedwork on the dreadmill - .5 mile w/u at 6mph, followed by .25 intervals at 6.5 (I did 5 at that speed and then added .1 mph for each of the last 5). With recovery in between, ended up doing 5.08 miles in 50 minutes and felt awesome.

Saturday: 7 mile easy run. Tried to take it at a nice, deliberately easy pace since I had done speedwork less than 24 hours ago. (Was not my intention, but life overrides training sometimes!) 1:13:17. Thought about doing 8, but I made it back to my car at 7, and my hip was starting to tighten up a bit. Then went to the gym and swam 1200 yd in 29:55. It felt like a slow swim, but that's actually a pretty good pace (for me!) Rumor has it that swimming helps one recover faster from a long run. I did feel better - looser - post-swim. That, and effing tired!

Sunday: 18.87 mile bike ride in 1:15:27. Windy and the hills at the end wore me out a bit! But it was a beautiful day for a ride. Again I'm convinced that I experience cold differently than others. I passed a couple of other cyclists in shorts and short sleeves (one with no sleeves) while I had on a jersey, turtleneck (the one usually reserved for running in the coldest weather), tights and full-finger gloves. I was maybe SLIGHTLY too warm but otherwise comfy! THEN I came home, changed, downed some gatorade, and took off 10 minutes later to run to yoga class. I've never ran to yoga before, even though it's about a mile away. Why? Because there's a freaking 200 foot, .6 mile hill out of my neighborhood. It's a biatch. But running downhill home with post-yoga jello legs was pretty fun. (It's the kind of hill I don't like - where you don't even get to redeem yourself by flying on the downhill because it's too steep and you have to hold yourself back going down!) 19:54 total - 10:30 there, 9:24 back, 1.96 miles. Yoga was 1.5 hours. Yin. VERY needed. Loosened up everything that was tight and put me in a great state of mind to approach the new week. <3 that class!


swim: 2800 yd in 1:20 (including drills)
bike: 37.4 miles, 2:32
run: 18.1 miles, 3:06
strength/flexibility: 3.5 hours

Total time: 10:28

I'm going to try to bike a little more. When the weather gets cooler, I'm going to start doing a "long distance" spin class at the gym - I don't know how long it is; I'm assuming 2 hours. Trying to squeeze in short runs here and there. I feel like it keeps my legs fresher and more used to running, in a way, if I run more frequently and keep the distances short and the pace easy unless I'm doing speedwork. Pilates and yoga seem to be really really helping, too - we did hip rotation stuff in pilates the other day and my hips sounded like rice krispies. Eek!

And devoting 10 hours of my week to exercise turned out to not be so bad. I even skipped two planned workouts - one bike ride, because I was TIRED, and I ended up moving speedwork to my planned rest day because I had to work late. Plus, I do SO MUCH different stuff that it doesn't even feel like I'm exercising that much. That's the beauty of multisport!!


  1. Wow, impressive exercise! I can't imagine training for three sports. You are doing great. What's your eating like?

  2. Thanks! :) It's more taxing mentally than physically, for sure, and I'm not even officially training for any of the tri stuff yet - just trying to build up a good training base. Sometimes I hate it but sometimes I love it - it's a lot of variety and I feel like I'm becoming a better athlete. Plus it's really nice not taxing one body part all the time!

    I don't follow much of a plan as far as eating goes. I try to eat a good balance most of the time - fruit, veggies (I need to be better about eating veggies but I drink v8 like it's going out of style), lean meats with the occasional red meat, and whole grain carbs in moderation. I make everything from scratch as much as I can help it. Maybe 2 meals or so a week we throw caution to the wind and eat whatever we want - order pizza or go out to eat or something. And I don't beat myself up if there are donuts at the office and I have half of one, or if I really want an ice cream cone and I have a small one. Oh, and I don't really do meals during the week, besides dinner - I'm in and out of my car all day so I graze between appointments. A sandwich here, a granola bar here, celery and pb, yogurt, etc.

    I could eat healthier, and I could probably drop a few pounds if I did, but I'm happy where I am. I LIKE having some treats in moderation and not having one more thing to worry/obsess about. Swimming, biking, and running are quite enough. :)