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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

training plan....for now

I think I've come up with a simple plan that will work until I start OFFICIALLY training for anything next year.

These are the workouts I want to make sure I accomplish in a week:

2 swims, one long and one speedwork (although right now they're pretty much the same length - about a mile. I don't see the need to swim much longer than a mile until I'm training for 140.6, and by the time I get to longer swims it'll be warm enough to swim outside - not quite as boring as the pool!!)

2 bikes, one long and one speedwork (both in the form of spin classes for the duration of winter)

4 runs - one long, one speedwork, one hilly, one short and easy (the day after a harder run, as a recovery run)

Yoga, pilates, and circuit class as long as they fit in my schedule for the week.

Add an easy swim and an easy bike IF there's room after all that, but the aforementioned workouts are the crucial ones.

I'm afraid to post this on a forum because I'm sure that plan will get slammed by the crazy people who do 20 workouts a week....but do any triathletes out there have an opinion on this plan???

Triathlon is PART of my life, but not all of it, and I think this lets me use my training time wisely while not getting burned out. I do feel like I should have more biking in there but it's hard to squeeze in. There's not as much daylight or good weather as there used to be, spin classes don't always fit in the schedule (and I'm not the HUGEST fan of them but they're a good workout) and stationary bikes make me wanna hurt someone.

I didn't make a weekly schedule since my work schedule varies from week to week, so I have to sit down and plan out my training every week. It's a little bit of a pain but it keeps things interesting!

One more thing....speedwork WORKS. Holy crap it works. I'm already seeing my swim speed improving consistently.

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  1. You are a MACHINE! I'm barely surviving the first two weeks of two-a-day workouts, and my non-running workouts aren't nearly as grueling as yours!

    I'm also totally ripping off your weekly training roundup posts. Please and thank you :)

    Finally, I just learned that Mark and Charlie got together. I think that's hilarious.