That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Saturday, May 14, 2011

triathlon = money pit

Since deciding that injury = darn good reason to take up triathlons as a new hobby, I have acquired:

  • bike
  • bike shoes
  • swim cap (because I always just swam in a ponytail before)
  • new goggles (on backorder from amazon...but my old ones, which I think are from wal-mart, are getting leaky)
  • tri shorts
  • tri bra (quick-drying after being immersed in water)
  • bondi band with a tri logo, after I realized that I'll need a quick - and of course fashionable - solution to the "running with crazy wet hair in my face" dilemma
  • wetsuit
This had better turn out to be a really fun endeavor.

PS - of course I got a pretty decent deal on everything on that list!!! :)


  1. yeah, it is more expensive than running. cycling in particular is expensive. even if it wasn't, it's 3x the number of sports and therefore 3x the stuff needed. for me, swimming also requires a gym membership fee.

  2. The start up cost is bad, once you have the gear and take care of it, it gets easier. Then you just worry about race fees.

    I hope the leg holds up for Tri for Joe, seriously, its my favorite event.

  3. I'm not going to sign up for the TFJ until the last minute, just in case, but I do think the leg is going to hold up enough for me to do it! It won't be my fastest run by any means, but I'm more interested in the experience - for my first tri, it's not likely to be my fastest ANYTHING!!

  4. Every once in a while (mostly after reading your blog), I think that it would be cool to do a triathalon. But then I start thinking about the bike, and the cost of a gym-with-pool membership, and my balloon deflates.