That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Holy crap

And now...I just officially registered for my first triathlon. It's in 6 days. I feel nowhere near prepared enough for it. ( somewhat of a perfectionist, I recognize that I never feel prepared enough for anything, and I need to just jump in and do it, and it generally turns out better than I think it will. Eight years' worth of college exams taught me that.)

I'm not likely to drown, I'm not likely to kill myself (even if I do fall off the bike), I'm not likely to make the injury worse at this point, and I'm likely to cross the finish line. Guess that's good enough criteria to give it a try!

It feels so good (and sooo scary!) to be registering for races again!


  1. You are going to do great.

    the swim, it will not be like any other tri swim that you will ever do. Its on the crazy side, not a bad crazy, just alot of turns. Just have fun with it. YOu will be able to touch bottom for 85% of the swim, once you get closer to the back wall is the only deep part. you will see ALOT of people walk this swim, I advise against it, save the legs for the bike and run

    the bike is dead flat.

    the run is around the park

    Have a blast

  2. At least I can swim faster than I can walk in water, so maybe I'll beat a few people. :)

    Flat is good!!

    If you see me (black headband that says TRI in pink letters, blue calf sleeves), say hi!!