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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Song Challenge week 6

This week is....Your Favorite Song from a Movie.

Interestingly enough, I have yet another running-related answer, and it came to mind as my for real favorite movie song. It just happens to also be motivating as heck as a running song.

I first saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch as an undergrad in my cult film class. (Something you may not know about me: my bachelors is actually in film and communication, minor in theater. Near minors in psychology and Spanish, for what it's worth.) There's way more to this film than I can put into words, but a quick synopsis: it's the story of love and identity from the perspective of a botched-transsexual German rock singer. It's also a stage play. It also has pretty much the most rocking soundtrack I've ever heard. I bought the CD (because this was before the days of the ipod - I feel old!) and pretty much wore it out. It brings back tons of memories from my film major days.

So here's the actual movie clip of Tear Me Down, which is the first song featured in the movie. If the video draws you in like it did me, get a hold of the movie and watch it - it'll make you laugh, think, and rock out.

And as I mentioned, it's a great motivator when I'm out running. You want me baby? I dare you - try and tear me down!!


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