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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I started PT Tuesday. All she really did was evaluate and give me some stretches to do. I did amaze the PT with my flexibility. ("That doesn't hurt? You're SURE that doesn't hurt??") Yoga FTW!

So, doing the stretches, icing (which I've been neglecting because honestly, with this dull pain that hurts in a different place every day, I haven't known WHAT to ice, so she told me), PT twice a week for 6 weeks. I see her again tomorrow, then after that, I see the PT who is also a running coach and I absolutely can't wait to start driving him insane.

I was feeling a little bummed about the initial PT session. I WANT one of those PTs I hear about who tortures and works a person half to death. Someone who tells me to do some stretches and then shows me the door is so not worth my money. This had better be more intense tomorrow.

A friend/coworker was awesome enough to get me a guest pass to her gym and work with me on my swimming technique. It's better than I thought, but she gave me a few helpful pointers. Then we swam back and forth with kickboards FOREVER, which is awesome because (a) it's a FANTASTIC leg workout, which I will definitely keep utilizing, (b) we could chat while doing it, so the workout time flew by, and (c) it totally helped me fix the sinking leg problem I have while swimming.

I'm still not a fast swimmer, but now I'm swimming slowly with great form. :)

I'm also motivated to get in the pool and try out the new waterproof mp3 player. I'm borderline excited about swimming, actually!

Oh, and I gave myself extra cross-training motivation by joining The Million PALA Challenge. Now I HAVE to hit the gym 5 days a week.

But really, what I want right now more than anything, is to know when I can run again! I want to know that I at least have a chance at the Pig half. The persistent winter weather has helped me not to miss it as much as I could be, but then I see a runner or running clothes or something online or hear "Born to Run"....and I just want to hit the pavement again SOON. (Well, NOW...but realistically, SOON.) And this is why I'm going to drive the PT crazy.

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