That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Monday, March 14, 2011

too close to crunch time

Things I am freaking out about today:

-The Pig is 6 weeks after this weekend. That means only 5 more long runs left - and only 2 more up weeks, which means only 2 more chances to do a 20 mile run before the marathon. I wanted to do 2 20 mile runs, but I don't know how slowly I'm going to have to work my way back into the training plan.

-The Pig is 6 1/2 weeks away and I still don't have any idea when I'll be able to run any sort of decent distance.

-I don't know what to do about the half this weekend. Best case scenario, I'll be able to run it somewhat comfortably (I'm not even going to wish for pain-free at this point.) Whether I can run 13 miles at this point will probably be a good gauge of how to proceed. But I'm not sure it's worth the attempt. Do I try it and drop out if it doesn't work? Do I try to downgrade to the 15k or 5k instead? (The 5k doesn't seem wise because I know me, I'll try to run at 5k pace and I'm not sure if I should be putting on that much speed. At least if I do a longer race, I'll go at a much easier pace.) Do I skip it altogether? (Booooo!) If I DO attempt it, am I going to put the brakes on the next week of training and the next long run? I suppose I should be willing to sacrifice this one for the greater good....

-Is it crazy that I'm considering a half marathon in 6 days when I'm walking with a limp today? (Note: this is healing faster than it did after the 10k. Saturday and Sunday morning I could not walk without a horrible pain in my foot. I literally had to crawl around my apartment, because if I took more than 3 steps, I'd be swearing. By the end of the day Sunday, I was hobbling, but hobbling pretty quickly and without nearly as much pain.)

-I checked daily mile. My last run that felt good was 2/20. Almost a month ago. I not only miss running, but even more, I miss running being fun! I'll be so happy to run and not hurt!!!

-The back of my shin and my ankle are the culprits now. I want to know when they won't hurt. I want my right leg to feel like my left leg. Heck, I think both shins are better and I've just strained the heck out of everything else on my right side.

Yoga tonight. I hope it works some miracles, and I hope that when the owies go away, they will never EVER come back!! Tomorrow, I'm taking the training plan to the doc with me and I'm going to talk to him about how to get myself back with the program.

PS - dropping out of the Pig will not be an option unless I actually fracture something. I don't care if I can't run again until the day of, I'll be running it, and my stubborn butt is going to cross the finish line!!!

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  1. FWIW, I know that there are quite a few pig runners who are opting to just do the 15K this weekend because the hills on the course are so plentiful. I wouldn't feel bad if you don't end up trying for the whole 13.

    I do think you're kind of crazy for considering it, since your ultimate goal is 26.2. I would hate it if I pushed myself to run the half, further injured my legs, and ended up missing the pig.