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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Future Races

Races I'd like to do (mainly for my own records :))

Forest Hills 5k - 5/21
Redlegs 10k 6/11
Hyde Park Blast 4m - 6/25
Cincinnati Triathlon - 7/24
Mudathlon 8/13
TORN...the Newtown 5k is 8/13 too. I've done this every year that I've been running.The Mudathlon is expensive but sounds way more fun. :)
Cheetah Run 5k - 9/4
USAF Marathon - 9/17
Warrior Run 5k - 10/8

On a sad note, Warrior Dash Ohio is sold out. :( Wanted to do that one!!

Also, just found the Hands for Haiti half marathon and 5k on 5/21, in my hometown. If I can't do the Pig Half, maybe I'd be up for this one....???

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