That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Saturday, March 19, 2011


No limp!! I'm still very aware of my lower right leg, but once I started moving around the apartment this morning, I realized that I'm no longer dragging that leg and - I think - I'm walking more like a normal upright human!

So of course, my immediate first thought is, "Maybe I can run now!" No, I'm not going to! But I'm sooo anxious to get back to it, and I promise I'm going to temper myself, but I think it's going to be REALLY hard to resist the urge to absolutely take off as soon as I'm pain-free.

I also had the fleeting thought of walking the half tomorrow, so that my registration fee doesn't go to complete waste....but that would be pointless and do more harm than good. 13.1 miles of hilly walking? Nah.

I was going to go to the gym this morning but I couldn't convince myself. Ugh - I sooo dread repetitive exercises and glaring fluorescent lights, even though it wasn't that hateful the other day when I went. It should be easier during the week, if I go before or after work.

I'm down 5 lbs, probably because (a) again, I don't eat as much when I'm stressed; (b) the marathon training constant hunger has worn off, and (c) we need to go to the grocery store soooo badly. And both of us hate going. I'm having Panera for lunch. Don't worry, I'm not starving myself.

I hope beyond hope that things go well Wednesday with the doc. Maybe if I'm walking better, he'll have a more definitive idea of when I can get back to running, and I can plan future races. Again, I can be happy with the Pig half. Even the Pig 10k wouldn't be the total end of the world, although I'd grumble about having to resort to that.

The thing I don't like is that I'm having trouble finding alternate marathons, if I can't do the Pig. Go figure, the midwest doesn't host a lot of summer marathons. Gee, I wonder why, considering that 90% humidity is pretty much the norm? Traveling too far would cost more money on top of what I'm already spending in this process, not to mention that the husband doesn't have tons of vacation time available. The one in IN/OH is a trail race, and I'm not going there. The Sunburst Marathon in South Bend may be doable - just a 5 hour drive, and flattish, and ends on the Notre Dame 50 yard line - but it's a mere month after the Pig. I hope that could work.

Then again, I still have (a little) hope that I could rally enough to complete the Full Pig. It will NOT be as pretty as it would have been otherwise, but if I'm allowed to test out the running waters soon, I can feel out how realistic that may be. I mean, if my husband can complete a 13.1 with no training (and his longest run ever, of 5 miles, being 3 months prior), I can maybe squeeze out a 26.2 in a month and a week as long as the doc says I can run....right?? :)

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