That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

12 days

I dropped my bike off yesterday for her first-ever plane ride. My baby's getting the royal treatment - I cleaned her up really well yesterday, took her to the bike shop I know and trust for a tune-up, and then to another bike shop where she'll be shipped via truck to a plane for a trip to Mexico. No disassembly, no dealing with my bike during my own trip. Score.

The guy at my fave bike shop has done bike maintenance for tons of races and tris. He even redid all the grip tape so she looks awesome. OK, so I totally have an underdog bike - less than $1k, a roadie with clip-on bars - but she's MINE and she'll get me to the finish line. I also picked up enough body glide and chamois butter to lube up China. Chafing during my race? Not gonna happen.

Life is busy. Not only do I have my own job, but I've also been working on some other career-related stuff that I will talk about soon, I hope. It's been stressful and it's kept me even busier, but if all goes well, I'll emerge in a few weeks looking like a rock star.

That includes emerging from this Ironman thing. I'm excited and I'm terrified. Absolutely terrified.

Oh, we're hosting my family for thanksgiving this weekend, too, since we won't be around for the actual day. Then I'll be on a plane in 8 days. SO MUCH TO DO, PEOPLE. I have to do all the things.

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