That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Friday, August 10, 2012

as 30 comes to a close....

First of all, the post-flu suck has FINALLY left me and I'm back to where I want to be with my training. YES!!!! Will update more on the training eventually.

Second of all, I owe you two race reports, including probably the most ridiculous tri experience I'll ever have....and that will also have to wait.

A year ago, I came up with 30 things to do while 30. Since I'll only be 30 for 12 more hours, I shall update everyone on how I actually did....

(I meant to keep the updating as a continuous process but.....I didn't.)

1. Run a Marathon - DONE
2. Do a half Ironman - didn't work out. What's funny is that I was aiming for Muncie, but even if I'd been healthy enough to do it, they shortened Muncie due to the heat. It's ok - I'm doing one in a month. Less than that. Gulp!
3. Do a trail race - haha! Squeezed that in last night!
4. Do a century ride - not yet. But soon.
5. Get my PCC-S license - done with all the requirements except 3 more hours of CEUs.
6. Do an unassisted pull-up - crap. I need to hit the gym to see if I can do one....but I'm guessing still no!
7. Do a sub-30 5k - did this 2 days after my birthday, yo.
8. Do a sub-60 10k - did this too. Twice.
9. Grow a veggie garden - the weather has been crap for it, but some basil and a few tomatoes have survived. My carrots are looking good, too.
10. Take swim lessons - I had a coaching session and joined a masters group. That counts.
11. Visit a new country - bro-in-law ended up not getting deployed. So no. But I've never been to Mexico, so I'll fulfill this one in November!!
12. Pay off my car - yep.
13. Donate hair to Locks of Love - nope. Got too impatient with the tangled mess in the heat. I have short hair now but I'm the only one who reaped the benefits.
14. Learn to change my own oil - nope.
15. Learn to play and accompany myself on at least 3 songs - nope. I've thought about it a lot, though.
16. Do an out-of-town race - nope. But I think Cozumel will more than make up for that.
17. Get boudoir pics done - nope. But I really should while I'm in the best shape of my life.
18. Do something with wedding pics - haha, nope.
19. Bench press 100 lbs for 3 reps - again, gotta check. Again, probably not.
20. Run the Flying Pig - yeah, we all know that didn't exactly work out.
21. Get concealed carry permit - yep.
22. Ride a segway - YES! We did a segway tour of Chicago. I also came close to killing myself as I never did master slowing down on a segway.
23. Take a belly dancing and/or pole dancing class - hmm. Never did.
24. Organize school papers - I'm beginning to think any tasks involving organization will just never be done.
25. Complete a knitting project - didn't even pick up the needles.
26. Visit a new state - nope.
27. Visit an out-of-town friend - nope.
28. Go vegetarian for a week - nope. And not anytime soon since I'm back in the swing of fueling Ironman training. We have made an effort to eat more meat-free meals, though.
29. Do something nice and unnecessary for myself once a month - I didn't keep track and probably missed some months, but I have made an effort to try to splurge more often and buy shoes I don't need (not running shoes!), etc. I am now hooked on pedicures.
30. Create a signature dish - no, but I've discovered lots of new recipes.


DONE: 10
Not done, but concrete plans to do: 5
Maybe done (gotta check on the weight machines): 2
Fail: 13. :)

But I accomplished many other things this year. Not only that, but I have a few pretty life-altering things in the works for this next year - of course the IRONMAN, but there are a few other biggish things brewing. I think that 31 will be a pretty freaking epic year.


  1. Katie-sounds great as you head to a birthday. Are you coming to Air Force next month? We are so glad that you are feeling good and more like your old self. Anne and I are trying to get ready for the Air Force Half, but it is hard. Hope to see you soon. John

  2. Ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who failed miserably on my 30 While 30 :)

    That said, I think I learned a lot about myself this year which caused me to seriously re-evaluate my priorities. Happy late birthday, sorry I missed it :(