That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Friday, June 1, 2012

You boys like Mexico??? Yeeha!!!!

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” – William Arthur Ward  

I won't take credit for finding that one. Courtenay posted it a while back. It pretty much smacked me upside the face. Why? Because I'm an incurable optimist. That's how I deal with things. I seem calm and relaxed because I hope beyond all hopes that the best outcome will happen. Aaaand when it doesn't? My world falls apart and then I'm pretty much like, "MY WHOLE WORLD SUCKS!!!!"

That's been my training so far this year. I've been working on adjusting the sails. That's why I did an aquabike instead of a tri. But I was still hoping for really good news from the doctor this past week.

I'm going to be honest. It was good news, but it wasn't as good as what I needed to hear.

The fracture is still healing well. However, if I want to be as smart as I can be, running is still not a good idea. Not even a little bit, not even at all. I was told that if I continue to run a little like I've been doing, I'll "probably be ok", but I'm still rolling the dice with an injury. It's not completely healed. The theory is that one can run on a not-quite-100% healed stress fracture, but one can also reinjure said fracture very easily. The kicker is that, according to the doctor, one does not really KNOW that one has reinjured the fracture until well after the fact. It's an overuse injury, not a SNAP! oh crap sort of thing.

Possibly in another month, running will look safer.

That pretty much makes the Muncie 70.3 (July 7) a not-smart idea at best. That means I will have two months to make my way back up to running 26.2 miles. It's doable, but not an idea that I'm fond of. I will be an absolute stresshead about it. It also means that, to appease the "holy crap I need to train" demons, I will be more likely to do more than I should be doing.

I know myself.

I have spent the past 24 hours or so in a just-put-me-in-the-psych-ward state about it. It didn't help that the leg started hurting AGAIN, today, for the first time in a couple of weeks. (I blame the rain!!!) I've really gotta baby this thing.

But then I figured out how to make the most of the change in the wind.

I emailed rev3 to see if I can change to the half race. A 70.3 in September is likely to be totally doable, and I can probably do it strong.

But what about that Ironman?? Would I let that dream slip through my fingers so easily???

Nope. I found this:

November 25. It's 80% full. There are still openings, but I need to make this decision quickly. It's a pricey decision, but we can make it work, and we're overdue for a vacation. It would give me time to really address my biomechanical issues, make an appropriately slow return to running, and I wouldn't have to do my longest training rides and runs in the scorching July/August heat. Plus, the scenery sounds a heck of a lot more interesting than Sandusky, Ohio. No offense to Sandusky.

And I know that the Ironman "brand" doesn't mean a whole lot to me....but.....I'd get to hear the announcer yell "You are an Ironman!!" I get goosebumps thinking about that possibility.

I'm gonna give it a sleep or two. Will let ya'll know what I do.


  1. oh yah, Cozumel!!! Do it!! You need to befriend a couple people on DM.

  2. There's one vote for a border run. Who do I need to befriend? Do you know other people doing Cozumel????