That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Friday, August 5, 2011

Time to play "Guess My Issue!"

Nah, it's not a huge issue. I've just been a bit undermotivated to exercise lately. Possible causes:

-Work has been kicking my butt lately. Like 50+ hour weeks kicking my butt.
-Doing longer and longer long runs has been killing more time and more energy.
-I haven't found any classes that I like at my new gym, and that makes me SUPER sad. :( Granted, I've only tried a couple. Their circuit classes are at times that don't work for me. (In theory, 5:30 AM COULD work, but...nah.) They only have one Yoga 2 class that I can make, and I didn't really like it. I plan to try Yoga 1, but if it's as basic as it's supposed to be, I'll just be bored. I SO miss my circuit and yoga classes at my old gym. I could cry.
-I have to go somewhere else to find a bike course where the hills don't about kill me. This involves finagling a bike into a sub-compact car. (And right now I'm driving a rental, which I'm not about to cover in bike grease like the back seat of said sub-compact car.) (In case you're wondering about that, I got rear-ended.)
-I'm overwhelmed by this multisport thing. For real. I want to do running and biking and swimming and strength training and yoga and somehow do enough of all of them...and when my brain gets overwhelmed, it tends to say screw it, don't do anything.
-I'm not actively training for a tri.
-I was OVERmotivated before, and now I'm just normal motivated.

Now that I feel super whiney, it's probably a combination of those things. I've been super dedicated to my run training, btw. I honestly wish I could run more than three days a week because it's the simplest and most satisfying exercise I do. However, I don't think I'm there. When my shins don't protest after a long, hilly, or hard run, I'll know I can run two days in a row. Right now, I'm not doing anything to push them. The protest usually clears pretty quickly and I'm gonna keep it that way.

So, should I feel guilty, should I care, should I try something different? Or should I just work out whenever I want and don't work out when I don't?


  1. I think we're in similar places, but I don't feel like I have room to bitch because I'm only a single-sport athlete :)

    It's the heat. It's the work. It's the looooooong runs, that are so much longer and so much suckier when you're doing them by yourself. And it's the humidity. The god awful suffocating humidity.

    Don't feel guilty, and just work out when you're feeling up for it. I certainly wouldn't push yourself to run two days in a row if your shins are still iffy. I haven't run two days back-to-back since before the Pig. Overrated ;)

    It's got to get better, right? 42 days, and AF Marathon will be just a memory!

  2. LOL, we all have room to bitch. This weather can go to hell. It belongs there!

    I realized something else - we've been doing so much unpacking and working on house stuff. That's taken up some time too. There's always something house-related to do!

    I'm not pushing myself to run but I find that running is the only exercise I WANT to do. Well, I enjoy biking, but it's logistically harder and takes more time to get the same cardio benefit.

    Plus, I'm getting tired of being a lone ranger. You're right, the long solo runs suck. The long solo bike rides are a little better but still a bit of suck. I like the bike group, but I struggle to keep up with them and I'm a bit unnerved about the idea of doing a non-flat ride with them.

    I think once fall hits, I'll want to be outside 24/7 so that WILL be better!