That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Checking in

The good news is that I figured out how to make running easier and more fun right now, and I still want to blog about it and all the reasons why I was previously struggling.

The bad news: I'm still in the throes of moving, so that'll have to wait!

The good news: we're almost done actually moving stuff to the house, after the husband and I have spent the past two days with his pickup truck and my sub-compact car, moving everything from a third floor apartment (ugh) to a bi-level house. We have one more trip today.

The bad news: I'm probably skipping my long run today and I'm freaking out about it a LITTLE. But I still have over 2.5 months to the marathon, I'm ahead of schedule, a rest day will probably do more good than harm, and my body is feeling like I have beat it to hell with all the moving. Next long run will be my first re-venture into double digits!

The good news: my new 'hood seems to have all kinds of options for running.

The bad news: they're all hilly!!! Or maybe I should look at it as good news, because it'll make me stronger. :) Regardless, I'm probably going to venture elsewhere for the aforementioned double-digit run!

The good news: husband was complaining about his legs being in a world of pain yesterday. (No, THAT isn't the good news!) The good news is that mine weren't. They handled the lifting and repeated stair-climbing like a champ. Proof that my legs are learning to submit to whatever insanity I ask of them.

The bad news: With all the banging and pressure on my still-injured finger, I'm prepared for the doc on Tuesday to say I've set my healing back a bit there. The good news is that it really doesn't interfere with my daily life, besides wearing a mildly annoying splint on it, and having to wear my wedding rings on my right hand. I can even type pretty well. It's also amusing that now my finger has its own doctor.

One more piece of good news: I did a bike/run brick the day before we started moving. The biking was ok (biking's always good, though, so long as it doesn't end in an ER run)...and the run was fantastic. Looking back at all my previous training, it was among the fastest I've EVER run...and it felt slow and easy! Sooo weird feeling like your legs are jello (immediately post-bike) and looking at your Garmin and seeing that you're pretty much at top speed.

OK, I really do need to get back to moving....but I want to share some words of wisdom, as pilfered from fellow multi-sport athlete Big Daddy Diesel. I agree 100% with this blog!!!

(PS to BDD, M and whoever else - I now live 10 minutes from Coney Island; if you Columbus people don't want to get up at dark:30 for Tri for Joe again next year, we'll have crashing room!!)


  1. I can't wait to read more about your running! It's good to hear that you're back in your groove. Congrats on the super-speedy, easy run.

    I hope moving is going well! Do you ever go to Coney? I live 10-15 minutes away, too, and I take my son there a few times each week. We were actually up there last night to ride the kiddie rides. :)

  2. We were there once last year, and we have free tix for this year. It's fun, but we don't have kids - I think we'd go more if we did!

    I was looking at your blog - is USAF Marathon your first, too? How awesome! I may sign up for the Little Miami Half too!

  3. i've had some good experiences running during a brick also, i think maybe my legs were used to the cadence of cycling and therefore i was moving faster than it felt

  4. Congrats on the move! And yay for a coney island crash pad!

  5. Yes, USAF will be my first full! It was my first half, too. The Little Miami will probably be pretty hot, and I'm looking forward to that. Let me know if you register!

  6. USAF was my first half, too! Little Miami looks appealing because it's FLAT!! LOL! Although living in Anderson is going to give me the benefit of lots of hill running. Still trying to figure out the good routes around here - besides five mile trail - every time I drive, I'm on full alert to see where the sidewalks begin and end, shoulder width, traffic, etc. Let me know if you've found any especially good places to run!

  7. I will be back at Tri for Joe next year, might be taking you up on that offer.

  8. Yay for good runs! Can't wait to see some pictures of the new digs. Can't wait for USAF!

    I also learned about a marathon up in Leadville, Colorado - the highest altitude marathon in the country. I thought if anyone I knew was crazy enough to try it with me, it just might be you ;)

  9. Sure, why not??? How in the heck does one train for that, though??

  10. PS - new house is a complete mess right now. That's why there are no pics yet!!

  11. You can get to the Five Mile Trail from home? You can stop at Hunley and run the neighborhoods there and along Little Dry Run. The sidewalks go past Whitehouse, a hilly neighborhood right before Bridle Road. Kimbee, a road before Little Dry Run, connects to a newer neighborhood, which connects to Clough Pike. You could head East on State, cross Wolfangel, and run to Nagel. From there you can head to Clough Pike or Eight Mile or anywhere. I like to take Eight Mile across Beechmont and run in the neighborhoods along Forest. There are soooo many sidewalks in Anderson! Do you live in Sherwood Forest? I love running back there. You can take Robinway to Paddison and run in a few neighborhoods along there. The third neighborhood you'll come to connects to Ramblinghills, the best place ever to do hill work. Wow, sorry to ramble!

  12. *Kimbee is a road OFF of Little Dry Run, not before it.

  13. There ARE a lot of sidewalks! I'm just trying to figure out what roads have them, what roads don't, where they stop, etc. You run along Little Dry Run? Are there parts (other than the northernmost part) that have sidewalks? I'm thinking of the windy part where drivers take the curves at high speeds and there's no shoulder....

    I live close to Sherwood Forest, south of the library. Five mile trail is a half mile from my house, which is super nice. I haven't ran in Sherwood yet but that's on my list.

    I have some ideas now - thanks!!