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Sunday, December 26, 2010

say hello to my leetle friend

I haven't been here in a little while, so here's the summary: holidays, busy-ness, eating too many cookies but using that as motivation to workout like a fiend. Donated blood and took a good week to bounce back; long run was 7 miles at a slooow 11 minute pace. That was a frustrating running week. I'm kind of over running in the cold but I've been doing an indoor endurance training class at the gym that likes to kick my butt.

Now that that's over, for the good news: my husband did a fantastic job playing Santa. Take a look:

No more crappy blackberry run-tracking apps!!! This will motivate me to get out there in the nasty weather for the next two weeks (before I go on vacation - yay!)

So anyone that knows cool tricks that one can do with a Garmin, I'm all ears. I haven't been able to figure out anything beyond the basics - of course, I still need to take it out for a run.

No more getting off my pre-planned route; no more estimating and falling disappointingly short - like what I thought was a 6 mile run on Christmas Eve only turning out to be 5.83. Plus I can track every step I take and how fast I take it. Just what every OCD hopeful marathon runner needs!

And also: I am officially signed up for the Flying Pig Marathon, plus a local training group (starts 1/4), plus I signed up to raise money for Girls on the Run while doing it. (See previous post about my experience as a running buddy!)

Note to self: need to do a 2010 recap post at some point soon.

Happy holidays, all!!

*edit to add: follow-up from last time: layering gloves = win. Vaseline on face = win. Haven't been able to try it in anything lower than the low 20's (thank God) but my face no longer hurts when the wind hits it.

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  1. try sporttracks software for the garmin. enjoy!