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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Like the tree falling in the forest....

If my run tracking programs don't record/can't upload my really awesome runs, did they really happen? Or will anyone believe they did? :)

Final week of the 10k plan: yesterday was speedwork. I did 5 repeats of 2:30 fast/2:30 slow on a marked bike path, and then finished strong for a total of 3 miles. In 28:16. Yeeha!! Runtastic again crashed, which I suspect it does if I get an email or phone call. I did test it on my walk back to my car and it seemed to work. Bummer that it didn't keep this workout, as (a) proof of my 3 mile PR, and (b) because it would've been fun to see how it mapped out those intervals. I'm wondering how fast I was really going during those fast intervals, since I ended up with a 9:something average pace.

So today I tried endo again. It recorded my whole workout (although again it gypped me on the distance - it recorded 2.93 when I've mapped out my route and it's 3.1) but it won't upload it for no good reason. But anyway, I did 3.1 in 31 minutes flat today. The traffic lights were in my favor. And ya know what, that 10 minute pace felt like an easy, comfy pace. I still can't believe it wasn't an 11 minute pace or something. I mean, I was tired, I was fighting through a tylenol pm hangover. Plus, it was an even pace. I checked my watch at the halfway point and it read 15:29. I'm patting myself on the back in a major way for both the huge improvement in my speed lately (which I'm still trying to convince myself isn't a huge mistake on my part), and for seriously improving my pacing.

Also awesome: I've been able to run in shorts yesterday and today. It's almost December. I live in Ohio. This is pretty much a miracle. Although today I had to pair the shorts with long sleeves, and it was about the limit of my shorts threshhold, it still felt good. (As an aside, I find that other runners dress cooler than I do. I really like to be warm.)

10k on Thursday. I'm unnecessarily nervous but I can't wait to blow my old PR out of the water!

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