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Thursday, November 11, 2010

10k training, week 5

Monday: 4 miles in....crap, don't remember. 42 ish maybe?

Tuesday: 10 400m sprints. On the freaking treadmill because it was dark by the time I got around to it. I ended up randomly alternating between 2:30 fast (so a little over 400m)/2:30 slow, to actually running .25m fast and .25 slow. Anything to kill my boredom. End result: 5 miles in 52 and change.

Wednesday: circuit class.

Today: 5.5 mile run. Well, it was 5.8ish miles because I couldn't find a good 5.5 mile route. 1:07:02. Ran in rush hour so there was lots of waiting for lights to change. There were a total of 6 traffic lights one way, and I did an out and back. I didn't have to wait at ALL of them, but of course that ate up some time.

Plus I went purposely slow today. I haven't been feeling so hot lately. Maybe TMI, but my tummy has not been so happy and I can't figure out why. My best guess is stress, although I haven't been more stressed than usual. Anyway, that's also the reason for my traffic light heavy run - because as all runners eventually find out, running can also be hard on the stomach, and I planned a route that had Kroger/McDonalds/Walgreens/multiple gas stations in case I needed a restroom break. (I didn't!!!)

Ya know.....running can be a really gross sport. Between that and the snot rockets (during the freezing cold run like hell, I had snot pouring into my mouth because I couldn't keep up with my running nose), it's not for those who like to be dignified. Thankfully, I don't much care about being dignified. :)

And also - it was in the low 70's today!!! I got to run in short sleeves and shorts again, in the middle of November! Yays!!

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