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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

eat, sleep, work, train, repeat

I know I know, I haven't blogged in a while. I don't know that I have anything unique or wise to impart at this point, but I can at least update everyone. Let's see....

Well, ya'll saw that I am officially in for an 11.25 Ironman! I'm both stoked and terrified. I'm hoping I can do the 70.3 version of rev3. If not, I have deferral as an option. However, I'm proceeding as if I'm doing the half rev. The only thing I'm concerned about is that 13.1 mile run.

The return to running is going pretty well. I was doing some barefoot running, actually, to try to strengthen my feet a bit, but now I'm dealing with some muscle pain in both feet. Arrgh!! It's not debilitating, though, not at all, and it's just one more thing to keep an eye on, in addition to the tib. The tib, with the exception of the occasional twinge, is hanging with me pretty well. I've been running on foot three times a week and doing a longer 1-1:30 pool run twice a week, and I've been able to slowly add mileage and phase out walk breaks during the foot time. Longest run so far was 3.4 miles - no walking.

I'm noticing a big difference between this recovery and the last time I came back from injury. This time, I'm not nearly as concerned with speed. Several reasons for of them is the weather. I don't know how many of you are local compared with out of town, but let me tell you about summer in Ohio. It's not only hot but it's HUMID. It's like breathing soup. It's impossible to run at top speed when it's so muggy. I know I have to run slower anyway. Plus, I'm training for a race that I will literally be thrilled just to finish. I'm not concerned about how fast I can run it. I won't be in top form after a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 mile bike ride anyway, and as long as I meet the other cutoffs, I'll have 6.5 hours to do the marathon.

Even though I have other possible races coming up, I'm seriously not concerned with how fast I run them. My overarching goal is to get to the Ironman starting line healthy and I don't care about pushing my speed.

Plus, after that long of a hiatus, I'm just happy to run again. I don't care if it's slower than I used to run. The old me would've been really disappointed about my pace lately. Ironman-in-training me has other priorities!!

I'm taking this month to be very careful and baby myself as far as running goes. I'm hoping to be up to the level of my training plan by the end of August.

Biking is going well. I'm way ahead of the game, training wise, now that I've added 2.5 months on to my training. I've been doing 50+ mile weekend rides and feeling good about them. I'm not thrilled about making them longer just because of the sheer length of time that'll take up, but hopefully I can find some company. I have my eye on a couple of organized century rides before the IM.

Swimming is still not my fave, but at least I have masters twice a week to hold me accountable, and it's making me stronger. I don't know about faster but I'm feeling stronger and better in the water, which is probably even more important, considering I'll be in an ocean with currents and fish and jellyfish and a few thousand people. I got in a lake over the weekend with a friend who was doing her first ever open water swim (she did great!!) and there were currents and waves large enough that I was starting to get seasick, but I did not freak out. That's some pretty good progress for me. The swim cutoff still worries me, and I need to get in a measurable open water swim - at least 2 miles - before the IM so that I know how much wiggle room I have with that 2:20 cutoff.

Consider yourself updated....that's all I've got for now!! 18 weeks and change until Coz.

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