That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Friday, December 2, 2011

more 2012 race options

I just became aware of the Racing for Recovery Triathlon. It has multiple degrees of awesomeness: for a good cause (a non-profit organization for substance abuse recovery, founded by an addict turned Ironman), flat course (used to live up there, it's a pancake), and OMG CHEAP.

I'm considering making that my 70.3 instead of Muncie half Ironman, except that it's a mere month after the Flying Pig marathon. Hmmm. Bad idea or not, ya'll?

Muncie is a month later, in July. It's also $145 more. Eep.

Other option would be to do Muncie and do Race for Recovery as a relay, because I really really want to do a triathlon as part of a relay team. (I'd be the biker. I have the swimmer and the runner picked out. They know who they are. :))

Choosing races can be soooo stressful sometimes. Why can't I just do all the races I want to do? Oh yeah, because time, money, energy, and the amount of stress my body can take are finite. Damn it.


  1. WOW that is cheap. I may look into that one too. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

    And when you find the triathlon money tree, please let me know. I have been looking for one everywhere.

  2. Ha! I will. Although I honestly think for me, money is less of an issue than energy and injury resistance (or lack thereof.)

    So what do you think about doing a half ironman a month after a full marathon?

  3. Deceptive!!! I clicked on the "register" link accidentally....and it's $170 individual/$300 relay. The prices listed are for the sprint. Oh, snap.

    ....that's still not bad for a 70.3, but not nearly as good as I thought. :(

  4. You should be able to do the Pig and RfR if you only RACE one of them. The relay sounds like it would be fun, too, though. It's really hard to only pick a few races!

  5. Great Buckeye Challenge is only $100