That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 accomplishments

733 miles ran.

Short of my goal of 1,000, but I would've totally hit that number had I not had the INJURY. I only ran 12 miles in March, none in April, and 28 in May - a little ironic since I was supposed to BEGIN May with 26.2. Between the time off, the slow comeback, and the numerous smaller injuries (no caps needed), I'm proud of 733.

16 races.

New PR's for every distance.

A sub-30 5k.

A sub-60 10k.

Took close to 20 minutes off my 13.1 time.

RAN an entire 13.1.

That one seemed impossible a year ago, but I ran two half marathons with no walking. Not only that, I actually RAN the first 21 miles of the 26.2.

First venture into triathlons - which, btw, I've thought about doing since 2009 but got too wrapped up in running to bother cross-training much. Doing tris was NOT a goal for the year - which is why I'm actually thankful for the injury. Without it, a tri would still probably be on my bucket list.

First sprint AND Oly distance tri. And now I'm signed up for an ironman, which was not in my wildest dreams a year ago.

Went from a typical "10 and change" pace to doing long runs under 10.

Became a stronger, smarter, more confident, more consistent runner. (And ATHLETE, come to think of it, though I've got a ways to go in the pool.)

Swam a mile (and then some) for the first time ever.

Biked a metric century (63 miles).

Overcame (sorta) my fear of open water.

I can run on hills without dying. I avoided them like the PLAGUE until this past January.

Oh, umm, don't forget I RAN A MARATHON YA'LL!!!

...and I did it at a faster pace than I'd done my first 13.1 a year beforehand.

And I did it all despite injuries. I'm thrilled with my 2011. 2012 will be even more kickass.

(2012 goals/plan to come....)

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