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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Finisher Video

Disclaimer: obviously this is not *my* pics page for the marathon. My page actually features the *next* 30 second video clip, so it starts after I've crossed the finish line and all you get is my head at the bottom of the screen for one second. This is the guy who finished about 10 seconds before I did. His name is Greg. Enjoy his pics, too, if you'd like.

I will get around to posting some of my pics here with some witty commentary, plus other pics I have; just haven't gotten there yet. If you want to see them NOW (and aren't my facebook friend), check out bib #979 on the photo page. I'm pleasantly surprised that a few of them turned out really good. The ones that didn't were taken somewhere around mile 23 if memory serves me correctly...and who looks good at mile 23 of a marathon??

Anyway, the video - that's me appearing under the F in FINISH, just to the right of the half marathon time clock (half finishers on the left, full on the right), about 13 seconds in. Right after that, he announces my name.

Also noteworthy: the poor guy limping at the beginning (but he still beat me!) I hope he wasn't like that long. Then, after I cross the finish line, check out the two half finishers who run for a total of 3 seconds. They're hilarious.

clicky here for video!!

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