That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Friday, September 2, 2011


Just a quick post to let you know I've emerged from my semi-funk. One thing I couldn't have predicted about training for a marathon is how much anxiety and doubt and emotional roller coaster-ness is present the closer it gets. I'm better and more optimistic today, but holy crap, Imma look forward to not being such a hot mess!

I'm week looks like I'm going to be busy getting together with old friends and hopefully getting my commemorative post-marathon tattoo....maybe other fun things like a pedi and a massage....we shall see.

I have also decided that in the next two weeks, I need to find the most obnoxious running shorts I can find and wear them to the marathon. Just because.

Also post marathon, I can't wait to cycle more, get new shoes, hopefully find someone who can help me figure out how to slowly get back into running WITHOUT PAIN this time, and maybe wean myself off of calf sleeve addiction. I'm looking forward to the Warrior Run 5k and the Thanksgiving 10k, and I may throw in a half or a tri in there but only IF I don't hurt anymore and if I have energy and I feel like it. Post-marathon, I am going to take all the time in the world that I need to recover. Heck, maybe I'll buy a hot tub too.

Good, positive ramblings tonight.

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