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Monday, July 11, 2011

listening to my body

My shin is making me a little nervous today. For the first time in quite a while, it went from grumbling to actually protesting carrying my weight while running.

I was doing a hilly 5 mile run and it was twinging at me, but nothing too bad. I hit mile 4, though, and realized I was developing a limp on that leg. So I walked the remaining mile home. I probably wouldn't have done this in the past, but if I don't listen to my body when it protests, it'll resort to screaming again. Plus, I have tris coming up for the next two weekends and I don't want to be hurting.

Not to mention that the PT told me to take two rest days after a long run. I had to squeeze this in due to my work schedule, to make sure I can get some running in this week and still rest before Fit to Fight.

I was a little worried anyway. I've been feeling more tired and owie lately and I think it's because of the sudden, inadvertent increase in hill work. The 12-mile run this weekend went really well but I have increased the length of my long runs a little quickly. It may be worth it to back off a little. I mean, two months ago I was barely even allowed to run at all, and only on flat ground. I may be pushing limits a little too hard.

Plus I'm nervous because I was about at this point in my training for the Pig when I really started having issues. I really really need to watch what I'm doing.

I still want to get a longish run in sometime this week, either Wednesday or Thursday (because I can't do it this weekend) but I'm going to go somewhere flat for it and stop if it's bothersome. Lots of ice and stretching this week, too. And I want to get at least one good, solid bike ride in as well, but since I can't get out of my neighborhood without some pretty serious uphills, I'm going to drive somewhere for that too. I can do hilly rides, but they seem to really tighten my hips. Not going to do that this week or next. Next week I'm definitely backing off on the running a little. Cincy tri that Sunday, but I'm not registering until the last minute to make absolutely sure that no body parts are going to stage a revolt.

After that, I'll be focused - carefully - on the marathon training again. Hopefully I'm listening well enough that everybody - hips, shins, etc. - will be content to STFU soon. :)

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