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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I lied

I registered for the Cincy tri yesterday, because it was the last day to save $10 on the registration fee (which I gave back nearly in full to due to their "fees" to register online). So I'm officially in for my first-ever oly tri on 7/24.

The temperature was in triple digits yesterday. The humidity is routinely 80%+. Please cross your fingers that I don't have to bike 24 miles/run 6 in that kind of crap!

Also cross your fingers that I don't drown. (Scary fact about triathlons - when there's an open water swim and the race doesn't provide swim caps, it's recommended that you don't wear a black cap because you won't be seen as easily if you slip under the water.) Realistically, though, I shouldn't drown. I can swim in a pool for an hour+ without stopping. The swim is the scariest part, for me, because a person is not nearly as likely to die during the bike or the run. If you need to stop, you can stop. If you stop swimming, you can die. YAY.

Also cross your fingers that I don't get some crazy disease from the Ohio River. It's a little gross in there, although there shouldn't be anything grosser in there than there was in the mud from Warrior Dash. Or the internet-diagnosed lake parasite that my running buddy finds so intriguing. :) (Seriously, it only left me with a few random blisters/welts that healed. Well, except the one on my hand because I keep picking at it.)

And finally, I need some finger crossings for my iffy hip and shin. I'll be extra nice to them for the next two weeks.

PS - I have no time goal. None. I haven't been biking as much as I should lately because of my hip iffiness. I know I can cover the distance, I want to overcome my fear of the river swim (which has decreased significantly since I actually tried an open water swim) and I want to be able to say I did it. I've been eyeballing the Cincinnati tri since I moved here three years ago. The bike is a bit hilly (Columbia parkway) and the run is flat except the purple people bridge (which I get to cross twice since I'm doing the oly.) And it will probably be hot.  I don't even feel like I can remotely predict my time and for the first time in a race, I don't care to. I'm just going to do it!!

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