That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Saturday, July 20, 2013

the obligatory "yes, I'm still alive" post


I couldn't just leave ya'll hanging with that bit about my innards, could I?

I make the mistake sometimes of waiting until I have the time or energy or wit to write something amazing. Obviously that didn't work.

So here's the rundown of what's happened in the past four months (eek, bad blogger alert!)

Let's see...I.....

-Ran at least a mile every single day in March, for a total of 150 miles, the most I've ever hit in a month. Ever.

-Coached a Girls on the Run team for the first time ever and LOVED it.

-Coached a Sit to Fit group and ran a 5k with a woman who was running one for the first time. She cried and hugged me at the finish line.

-Ran the Flying Pig. It was a meh sort of day but I ran the last 10 miles with a friend and got her to the finish line. I was one hour off my goal time. I'm over caring.

-I freaking ran a 50k ya'll. Another Dam 50k in June.

-Volunteered at a 3-day, 108 mile ultra marathon. I could write a book about that amazing experience, including doing bike support for 7 hours straight on the last day, 26.2 miles, in weather so hot that the blacktop melted and stuck to my bike tire.

-Now I finally has a bike short tan line again. Woohoo!

-I got my ironman tattoo! I'll have to post that.

-Am not running currently. I have jacked my foot a bit. Tendons? Ligaments? Who knows. Two weeks off it right now and I think another week or so and I'll have it back to being runnable again.

-I have actually been sadly meh about running for a while....until I volunteered at that ultra. Now I want to run everything. Of course, my foot doesn't, but once it catches up.....

-I'm going to try a new mindful approach. One where I work on speed on a limited basis but otherwise spend a lot of time getting back to running for the pure joy of it. This is something that a lot of ultra runners seem to do really well.

-Thinking of more races. Rev3 again? Tough mudder? Some craaaazy non-traditional stuff coming up? Oh yes. Stay tuned.

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