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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pig Recap - the nutshell version

My Pig decision ended up being to walk the half marathon. I got a new friend out of the deal, and as we were both injured, it ended up being a fairly therapeutic experience. It was mentally harder to walk that half than to run a marathon, for sure. I have a new respect for those who walk distance races. It's easy to take walking for granted when you're a runner, but that was SO not easy, and I don't think it would've been too much easier even with no injury. My feet!! OMG, my poor feet!! Feet hurt WAY worse when you walk on them - I guess more steps and more time on them really do make a difference.

I did get them a nice pedicure yesterday (one of the few girly things that I will indulge in) and I think they forgave me.

Sexy feets!! (I need a tan!)
 Check out that scrape on my right foot. That's my first swimming injury, folks. The pool where I swim for Masters is made out of that bumpy concrete (the kind that tears up your swimsuit when you sit on it) and I scraped my foot on the wall trying to circle swim. Ouch.

Oh! Masters swim is going great. I'm going to use that to replace my boring solo workouts for a while. It's SO MUCH BETTER. I'm one of the slow kids in that group but I'm catching up. Plus I get to swim OUTSIDE!! Wheeeee!!!!

AD/HD moment. Back to the Pig. I was going to mention, I don't think I made anything worse, injury-wise. I wondered for a moment after a big hill - I was HURTING - but after a couple of miles of relative flatness, my leg felt fine. It still feels ok. My glutes were pretty sore from the walking (again, newfound respect for walkers!) and my calf tightened up a bit, but it's not painful. I almost tried running yesterday but I think it still would've been hobbly. I have PT this morning and I'm not leaving without some answers. I haven't been in much actual pain for a couple of weeks, but my leg is stiff and weak enough that running is still not possible.

I have not run since March 31. Arrrrrgh!

But, back to the positives. There were some unique things I got to do Sunday that I never have done, and may never do again, during a race:

-Ate Oreos and a slim jim. (I can't imagine being able to stomach that while running!)
-Booty danced with a random volunteer at a water stop. (With a gimpy leg, combined with the fact that I can't dance anyway!)
-Crossed the finish line with a beer in my hand.

I will say more about that later. I may even post pics. There are no booty dancing pics. This is probably a good thing. I have seen a few of the official race pics and there's enough blackmail material there.

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