That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. - Nietzsche

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A summary

My running history:

I actually did try running a few times. I tried it in high school, when I was trying to condition myself for basketball - back when I was attempting to play basketball. Shin splints and a vicious uncontained min-pin were my demise.

I tried the couch to 5k plan when I was 24. Again, the shin splints caused me to give up.

I started running for real in 2008 when I was 26, almost 27. My boyfriend (now husband) and I did the couch to 5k together. Since we lived an hour apart, we did most of the runs on our own, but my tendency to be fiercely competitive with him actually motivated me to finish the whole 9-week plan. If I knew he ran that day, then I was absolutely going to run too. That was when I learned that I could run through shin splints, and also that real running shoes from a real running store (as opposed to $10 bargain bin tennis shoes) made a difference.

That fall, I dealt with two sinus infections in a row, moving, and finishing a masters degree. Running went on the backburner for a while and I put on a few pounds.

Early in 2009, I decided to start running again. I could run a little over a mile without stopping. I made my way up to a (slow) 5k that summer and regularly ran 2-3 miles at a time.

In 2010, I decided to sign up for a 10k and ramp up the running. Thanks to Hal Higdon's intermediate 5k plan (which I chose because it was actually MORE running than his novice 10k plan), I took both my speed and distance up a few notches. While the Flying Pig 10k was a fantastic experience, I kept hearing all the fuss about the marathon, and then found out that a friend was running in it. I realized at that point that a marathon was actually an achievable goal for a recreational runner, and promised myself that if the 10k was a good experience, I'd sign up for a half. Long story short, the 10k was so. much. fun.

I ran my first half yesterday. I'm sore, I'm fighting with my knee, I sacrificed a toenail and I had four new blisters at last count. And I can't wait for the next race....

This blog is going to be my place for inspiration, thoughts about running, and to track my training/racing progress. I think it'll be beneficial for me, and for those of you who want to watch, feel free to follow!

Soon to come: recaps of races I've done, positive running thoughts, words of wisdom/encouragement, etc....


  1. Congrats on your AF finish! I look forward to your running adventures! Ice the knee, slather Vasiline over your feet next race and don't worry about the toenail, it's Fall! lol You'll find the more miles you run over the years, your feet will grow (spread out), so always get your feet measured before buying new running shoes, that'll save your toenails!


  2. Great blog. I have added you to my list of regular blog reads. Keep up the great work.
    Here is a link to my own blog,

  3. Jean: thanks for the tips, I didn't realize that about my feet growing. I think my current shoes may be a wee bit small even though they're the same size I used to wear.

    Kitchen: Thanks! I enjoyed reading your blog - I can relate to a lot of it! Good luck training for the marathon! Which one are you running?

  4. Thanks for reading. I am looking at doing the usaf marathon in Dayton next year.